66. Ya Roubou’a Biladi
Written by The Rahbani Brothers
Performed by Fairuz
From the CD Jerusalem In My Heart (Digital Press Hellas/Voix de l’Orient Series, Greece 1997)





After Oum Kalthoum, Fairuz is possibly the Arab world’s best-known singer. Unabashedly modern, Fairuz embraced all forms of music – orchestral, European, and traditional Arabic – and achieved a stylistic balance (underscored by her amazing voice) that spoke to millions.

Though she was born in Beirut, Fairuz and her songwriting team, the Rahbani brothers, understood the importance of village folk music in the lives of the newly burgeoning urban population in the 1950s and 60s. She often sang of village life and romantic love and recorded lesser-known folk songs.

Amazingly, Fairuz decided to stay in Lebanon throughout the civil war, though she seldom performed for political reasons. In 1994 she gave a well-received concert and returned to the world stage.

- Fairuz, by Sarah Bardeen, realmusic.com



Customers’ Reviews:

I loved Fairuz’s CD ’Jerusalem In My Heart’ I have enjoyed listening to her CD as well as her voice. The songs capture the patriotism of the Arab people towards Palestine which is really great. I loved Fairuz since I was 12 years old and she is a true Diva for all the Arab People. I suggest everyone to go pick one up!.


Fairuz, our most chosen Rose of the Orient, daughter of Universal Civilisation, mighty and stunning as the cherished Cedar, has Eternalised Jerusalem as the Forever Foyer of the valiant Palestinian Nation. Gracious Lady whose golden Voice embraces our hearts and directs us to the wisdom of brotherhood, the quest for tolerance and peace. Sing more, Gracious Lady, appease our bleeding hearts. Tomorrow is always uncertain…


In this time of sadness and suffering for Arab people comes this CD to grant us some dignity, pride and determination. Fairuz was and will be always among our very few reasons of joy and pleasure, and she is the only Arabic singer that makes us love our country and be proud of our roots. A CD which is stronger than a million political speeches.


It is great to know that this CD has been put up once again in the market for the current generation to listen and appreciate the excellent work of Elias Rahbani and Fairuz expressing the deepest pain and love for the land and people by their individual musical excellence. This music and words will remain green for ever in the hearts of every peace loving Arab and will always touch the hearts of even those who would hardly understand the language.



Al-Quds fi bal is the artistical answer to the Palestinian question. Every single song speaks out the suffering of an entire people and its history. After two ‘intifada’, the message delivered by Fairuz is stronger than ever and finds an echo in everyone’s soul.

Khaldoun Hajaj

This counts as Fairuz’ Magnum Opus. These songs have been with me and my family from before I was born. I somehow feel an umbilical relationship with the sentiments, the music, the lyrics, the poetry, the politics, the power and the optimism. I am a son of Palestine and these songs never ever fail to inspire me when I am down and pessimistic. Our Fairuz defies all that is backward in our societies and provides us with a beacon of hope and optimism. Fairuz is our inspiration. When I hear Fairuz sing – I know that we are on the side of Angels. I thank God for the glory of her voice. I am grateful for her politics and she makes me proud to be an Arab. Long live Palestine.’

- Fairuz: Jerusalem In My Heart – Customer Reviews



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