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Sent: 2 Nov 2009

First of all congratulation on this beautiful project.
I will be attending your performance at INIVA on 12th nov.09
I wanted to share some information with you,may be you already know about it.I am from India , living in London for past two years.
There is a controversy going on about the national anthem of the country.The song is -Jan man gan.......This song was written by noble prize winner Rabindra Nath Tagoreand was adopted as new national anthem in 1950.The translation of it reveals that it was written in praise of the British Empire who was ruling India at the time it was written.They are addressed as ' Thou dispencer of India's destiny'.There has been annoyance shown about it as nationla anthem for a free India, but still it continues be sung as national anthem everyday.UNESCO announced it as the best national anthem in the world.


Sent: 15 October 2009

Dear Eddie and Ana,

My goodness ! This is such an incredible body of work and the effort have both put into this is truly amazing.

The delicate tranquillity of your images are a perfect. To me, they are a contrasting backdrop for the inspirational songs that are aural evidence of the human instinct to survive... I must congratulate you both on the immense research that has gone into this project and
I very much would like to attend your event at Iniva.

Yours inspired,

Marina Crean


Sent: 13 October 2009

Dear Flowmotion,

Your presented images are sublime beauty. I hope to attend some of your shows in October or November whenever I can make it to London, if there would be no objection…I would truly love to experience the full impact.

With warmth and admiration, from a long lost friend,

Kind Regards,

Victoria Bond
AvanStar Ltd